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At a young age we are often asked "What do you want to do with your life?" We don't really realize how profound that question really is and the work that it takes for some of us to answer that question. Yes there are the Mozarts of the world that know their purpose at a young age but for most of us it takes self-reflection, experience, and doing deep work to uncover meaning in our life. Our life's purpose is the deepest reason for being alive, the guiding light that brings clarity to everything you do. The direction you deeply desire to take. Your life's purpose activates your unique gifts and talents and helps you experience the deeper meaning of life. Asking yourself "Why am I here?" or "What is my purpose in life?" takes courage and self love. In the movie The Lion King when the clouds in the sky part and Mufasa's spirit appears to his son, Mufasa's fatherly voice booms "Simba, remember who you are. You are more than you have become." If realizing this has brought you to the journey of discovering your deeper purpose in life or if you have come to this point for another reason, be happy and excited you are here.


We all have a deep purpose for being here and if you haven't discovered what that purpose is yet you can be left feeling drained, unenergized, joyless, empty, unfulfilled, and lacking in some way. With purpose each day will become a joyful and meaningful expression of your true identity. You weren't born to just survive or to settle for a life that doesn't bring deep meaning and fulfillment. More is possible. You have infinite power and potential for more than you can even imagine right now. Many of us are programmed to believe our purpose is to make money, be successful, and accumulate material things. While these can be important they are not life's purpose. These things can be acquired in a meaningful way while realizing your life's purpose. While living your life's purpose you will experience these and so many other wonderful benefits and opportunities that grow and evolve throughout your life.  You can have more than one purpose, and your purpose doesn't have to be what you do for a living, it can be how you live your life or something else. It can be different for everyone.


 Without a life's purpose as a compass to guide you, your goals, action plans, and successes may not ultimately fulfill you. Identifying, acknowledging, and honoring your life's purpose is perhaps the most important thing you can do to increase, joy, fulfilment, and happiness in your life. People who live their life's purpose take the time to understand why they are here, then they pursue that with passion and enthusiasm. Jack Canfield says, and I believe, "You have the power to achieve greatness and create anything you want in life, but you must take action." The feeling of being lost, without purpose or direction can be overcome with the right process. Life Coaching can help you reveal and live your life's purpose. It is a natural need for people to have a sense of purpose, a feeling that you know who you are, and where you fit into the world, and that your goals and desires are in sync.


Often we do what others expect of us or what the society we live in prescribes for us.  We can find ourselves with a lingering sense that something is missing from our lives. Expectations can lead us in the wrong direction as we go to great lengths to fit someone else's vision of success. Who doesn't want more money, praise, and status. Those things are awesome but they can't provide a sense of meaning and purpose. Comparing ourselves to others can lead us astray. Finding purpose is a process of looking inward not outward. This may all sound overwhelming but with a Life Coach you will take small steps to build a life that aligns with your deepest desires. Living a purpose driven life can help you feel like there is some ultimate reason for your actions and that you are contributing to the world in some important way. This gives you a sense of satisfaction and connectedness which can help you reach higher levels of well being.


The goal of living life's purpose is to increase happiness, joy, fulfillment and well being and it is based on your values, principles, purpose, accomplishments, and what excites you. You will find yourself walking a path that is only yours. Think of uncovering your passion like the work of a master sculptor slowly chipping away the stone to reveal the masterpiece beneath. Your purpose-driven life is the masterpiece waiting to be revealed. You might be afraid to go inside and dig deeper, or to make a change, to take a risk, to fail, to let your family down, to lose what you have worked so hard to build. But if you knew what was waiting for you with a purpose-driven life you would know it will all be well worth your effort. By not taking this journey you will be losing so much more. The only thing we can't get back is time. So don't waste any more time living a life less than what you are meant to. If you can answer "Yes" to the following affirmations, then you are ready to take the journey into discovering your unique life's purpose:

                      1. I welcome the hard work and tiresome effort it will take to unearth                                 my life's great work.

                      2. My purpose may not be directly obvious but I will put in the time to                                 find it.

                      3. I believe finding my purpose is entirely possible.

                      4. I know that finding my life's purpose might lead to something big                                     (positive) change.

                      5. I know that finding my life's purpose will leave me with the power to                               shape my own destiny.


f you have the courage to ask yourself these introspective questions, then you are ready to start on the life changing transformational journey to unleash your life's purpose and design a life that is beyond your wildest dreams. Click on the button below to start your journey.

Wishing you much success, love and happiness, 


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