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Realize your most cherished dreams!

Jayne Schwarz, MS, CPC

B.S in Management Finance

M.S. in Elementary Education

Advanced Certificate in Literacy

Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC)

Founder & President, Jayne Schwarz Coaching

A little about me and my process:


I'm a Certified Professional Coach CPC, I have a B.S degree in management finance, a M.S. degree in elementary education, and an advanced certificate in literacy.  I know how to plan for success and take action to manifest that success in all areas of life. I've changed careers several times in my life although it may not have happened overnight the transitions went smoothly and I became closer and closer to realizing my life's purpose. I've worked with people in the service field for over 25 years providing a variety of services that met a life need whether it was in business, education, or personal life. I've dealt with issues surrounding money, career, relationships, family life, stress, education, communication and more.  I've been a Life Coach for over 5 years and have coached many people to realize their life's purpose and live their passions. My mantra is ACT. TRANSFORM, THRIVE,- because it takes action to start the process of realizing your dreams, you will then, through continued purposeful action, transform your life, and finally you will thrive like never before. You can and will live a life beyond your wildest dreams it just takes courage and self love to take the first step of seeking help.  I've learned how to communicate effectively so my relationships thrive and grow stronger continuously. I've identified my passions and live them everyday. I've built businesses and relationships that will last a lifetime and I have had mentors that have helped me get there. I've nurtured spirituality, confidence, love and kindness into my life and have found balance, peace and happiness. It's your turn to live your dreams. Believe that you can and that you deserve to and invest in the right coach to get you there. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make and it pays off in all areas of your life. After you take the first step the only question you will have is "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Wishing you much success, love and happiness!! Jayne.

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