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Are You Feeling Stuck in Life?
Are You Without Passion and Purpose?

Many of us get to a place in our lives where we begin to question "Why am I here?", "What is my purpose?" , "There must be more to life." If you are at that point now know you are not alone and it is perfectly normal. It's actually amazing that you have come to this point! This is a question that doesn't just answer itself it takes work to answer and it can change your life by catapulting you on a journey of realizing your full potential and that is awesome! Be proud and be excited to enter into an awe-inspiring journey of self discovery and designing a life that up until now you were afraid to even dream of. I have been there and I know how to get you to a place where you can finally answer those questions. With my guidance you will find your passionate purpose in life and start living the life of your dreams filled with deep meaning and fulfillment. 
Know that it is not easy if you have the courage to ask yourself these questions. Good for you that you want to stop living on autopilot and take control of your destiny so you get what you want out of life and not just what life dishes out for you. Do you know how many people never ask themselves these questions and therefore never take action to live out their full potential so they'll never know what it is like to live their wildest dreams? At the end of working with me to discover your passions and design the life of your dreams the only thing you will question is "Why didn't I do this sooner?"
Your passionate purpose is unique to you. No one can tell you what that is, you have to discover it. For you it might involve doing volunteer work, being the best mom ever, or writing books. It's not just what you do but it is how you live your life. For me it was discovering that my purpose was to spread love in every aspect of my life. So I've taken that purpose and translated it to my main four areas of my life; home, health, work, and spirit. That has manifested in many different ways but I always live true to my purpose and that feels amazing! Your passionate purpose could be anything - the problem is you don't know what it is yet! But that's ok. It's a journey of a lifetime to discover our passionate purpose! With my "Design Your Life" Coaching Package I will walk you step by step through a proven process that will uncover your passions and create an action plan to turn those passions into living the life of your deepest dreams and aspirations! Imagine living the life you've only fantasized about but never really thought you could have! It CAN and WILL happen! What have you fantasized about doing in life? What purpose do you have to live by to remain true to yourself? 
If you have the courage to ask yourself these questions then you have the courage to take action to answer these questions and change your life!
"Design Your Life" Coaching Package:
Step 1 of the process I will take you through is dismantling your limiting beliefs about yourself and your life, dispose of your negative thought patterns and habits that no longer serve you to overcome your inner struggles that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.
Step 2 we will begin to design your dream life by envisioning your future, visualizing your dreams, setting goals, identifying your strengths and discovering your passions in order to have a clear vision of what you want out of life and to clarify your meaningful purpose driven life.
Step 3 we will take action to make your dreams a reality by developing action plans, taking steps towards your goals, overcoming obstacles, and moving outside your comfort zone to expand your vision even further and transform your life to a life beyond your wildest dreams.
What you will get with the package:
  •   Twelve 50 minute one-on-one coaching sessions
  •   Calls, text and email communication  between sessions
  •   Various Resources to help you along the way
  •   Motivation, Inspiration and Accountability
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Your Best Self



Do you find yourself waking up in the morning hitting the snooze button several times because you dread getting out of bed? Do you come home at night  with no energy you sit down and pour yourself a glass of wine to drown your sorrows instead of celebrating the day you just had? Do you often take a look at your day and wonder what you accomplished? Do you feel like you are just going through the motions? Are you feeling like there's got to be more from life?

It's time to start dreaming of the life you truly desire and to make that dream a reality!

Can you imagine popping out of bed in the morning peeling off the covers and being so excited to get on with your day and having so much energy you can't wait to finish your coffee and get on with the adventure that is your life! Envision yourself at a cocktail party overflowing with excitement to share your life stories with your friends and honestly saying I love my life! Fantasize about coming home from a totally fulfilling day of living your purpose driven life and drifting off to sleep dreaming of what tomorrow will bring!

All of this is possible all you have to do is take the first step.  Book my "Discover Your Passions" coaching session and in 1 hour or less you will know your top strengths so you can translate them into what you are passionate about in life. In 1 session you will get an in-depth report of what your strengths are and what they tell you about yourself. You will have a clearer picture of what you like and what you're good at. You'll begin to have a dreamlike vision of a life that you are passionate about and your life will take on a new and more fulfilling meaning.


"Jayne walked me through the process of discovering my true interests and helped me believe I could really live a purposeful, fulfilling life. Not only did she help me believe it she helped me to actually live it!"   -   Susan

"When I came to Jayne I was miserable with my life. When I was done with the 12 week program I couldn't believe it but I was on top of the world. I was finally proud of the life I was building for myself with her help. She genuinely cared about my happiness and went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed."  -  Joan

"Working with Jayne was amazing! She is truly one of a kind. She is compassionate and she totally gets me. I learned things about myself I never knew and I've done things I only admired other people for doing. Jayne brings out the best in me! She is truly passionate about helping people find their calling in life."  - Donna

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